52% Black Owned


The BVi Board and Management are delighted to announce the achievement of yet another milestone on the eve of BVi’s half a century celebration!

BVi is once again leading the engineering industry, by announcing a 52% majority black-owned shareholding thereby assisting us in achieving our procurement goals and continuing our status as Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

This a significant milestone for the BVi Group and a step forward in the engineering industry in which majority black ownership remains rare.

We see this as another step in increasing our commercial competitiveness in the market thereby underlining our commitment to meaningful transformation. In addition, by increasing black individual shareholding and that of the BVi Trust, we also create more opportunities for career growth and development within the BVi Group.

BVi continues to execute and intensify our transformation policy by building on our reputation of a highly professional, cost effective, empowered service provider.