Bellville Medical Centre

University of the Western Cape

Cape Town


  • Bellville Medical Centre – Alterations & replacement of an existing HVAC system

    Scope of works:

    • Removal of all existing HVAC System
    • Design New outside air ventilation system for class rooms and office areas
    • Design New Toilet Extraction systems for staff and students
    • Design New Variable Refrigerant Volume AC Systems for class rooms and offices areas

    The new design consists of 34 Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system from Daikin. These systems are located on 4 plant room areas on various roofs through out the building. The building was broken up into 4 blocks. Each block is served by a plant area. The building area is 10 500 m².  With about 2MW of Cooling Capacity in total.

    Each lecture theatre, seminar and tutorial room on first floor have there own AC Unit. Each room is able to control the AC unit via a controller located inside the room. Open plan offices and teaching areas are served with a mix of ducted hideaway units and cassettes. Each area has a controller that controls the unit is that location.

    The cellular offices on the upper floors each have a mid wall split AC unit that serves that office. Each office has a controller that allows for individual control.  

    Outside air is ducted into the building with use of a ducted fan system for each block. Each system had a shaft which it uses to duct outside air into each floor.  The Building is equipped with a Daikin Building Manager for building wide control of all the AC with in the building. There is also a Building management system for all the extraction and ventilation fans that allows for control and monitoring.