Periodic Maintenance on National Route 11 Section 4 between Kwaggasnek and Volksrust

South Africa National Roads Agency (SANRAL)

Kwaggasnek - Volksrust

2015 - 2017

The project covers a 10,2 km section of the N11 situated in KZN just south of the town Volksrust, which is on the border with Mpumalanga.  The existing road was rehabilitated and partially re-aligned in 2008 but showed signs of premature failure, requiring investigation and repair.

BVi completed the assessment and design phases of the contract and prepared tender documentation for the proposed repair work.   Construction period of 7 months.

Repair work on this contract will consist of the following:

–        Shallow patching (50 mm) of existing cracked asphalt surfacing;

–        Deep patching (150 mm) of existing surfacing and base layer where failures have occurred;

–        Application of a bitumen fog spray to seal off the existing surfacing, followed by the construction of a new bituminous seal surfacing;

–        Repair of existing guardrails and fencing;

–        Clearing of existing drains and the installation of new drains; 

–        New road marking