PRASA 3kV Overhead Electrical equipment structures replacement in Cape Town area

Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA)

Cape Town

2016 - 2018

Detail design and construction monitoring of the replacement of foundations, structures and small part steel for its 3kV lines that are in need of replacement.

The project is divided into 5 Phases, spread out across 20km of railway tracks between various stations in the Cape Town area. The phasing is based on commuter volumes on the railway system and extent of corrosive decay of the steelwork observed on site.

Various types of structures at typical 67m spacing along the rail tracks suspend the electrical wires for the trains.

The appointment includes the survey of the existing infrastructure to identify the structures due for replacement. Structures with a rating of 2 or lower were allocated for replacement on more than 500 locations spread out over the 20km of railway track.

 A contractor from Gauteng was appointed on a 2 year contract to the value of R80m to replace the structures.  The contractor fabricates the steelwork in Gauteng and galvanizes and paints the steelwork with a Duplex paint system. All the steelwork is then transported by truck to Cape Town for erection under Permit conditions at night. Works started in July 2016 and is planned for completion in July 2018.