Sable Park Office Development

Rabie Property Group

Century City, Cape Town


BVi’s scope of works included:

The design of the new HVAC system comprising of  chillers located in the basement and two off closed circuit cooling towers located on the North Block roof. 

The floors are air-conditioned via Fan Coil Units.

The Outdoor is pre-cooled to 22°C before it is distributed to the Fan Coil Units, the quantity of outdoor air is control via CO2 sensors fitted on each floor.

The common entrance lobbies are air-conditioned via two of Air handling units located on the roofs of the South and North blocks.

Basement Parking P2 in mechanically ventilated via 4 off Extract and Supply air fans, the Extract fans are fire rated and doubles up as Smoke Ventilation fans, these fans are also controlled on CO sensors.

All ablutions are mechanically ventilated, lift shafts and stairwells are pressurised.