Having a career at BVi means you are part of a dynamic, financially strong company. You will have access to many rich and varied opportunities in the engineering industry. Our company employs talented and motivated individuals from all cultures and race groups. BVi realises the critical importance of transformation and promotes the empowerment and advancement of designated groups.

If you are a Professional Engineer or a Professional Engineering Technologist, we would like to hear from you. We are always looking for experienced professionals with proven experience in the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Project Management and EPCM fields.

We pride ourselves on having a work environment that focuses on individual talent and we reward personal contributions. 

We do not just hire graduates, we hire the best graduates in the engineering field.

We accept applications from graduates and post-graduates with the following qualifications:

  • PhD
  • M.Eng/MBA
  • B. Eng, B.Sc, B.Tech
  • N. Diploma
  • Draughting Diploma

If you are a South African citizen and are currently studying towards a B.Eng, B.Sc or B.Tech degree at a university or a university of technology, please send your CV and your academic record to

If you are a South African citizen and are currently studying towards a N.Diploma at a university of technology and require in-service training as part of your qualification, please send your CV and your academic record to

Individuals with a B.Eng or B.Tech degree will start as Graduate Engineers or Graduate Engineering Technologists. After one year of employment, they become Candidate Engineers or Candidate Engineering Technologists and enter into our Learnership & Mentorship Programme to register as a Professional Engineer or Professional Engineering Technologist with ECSA.

Professional Engineers or Engineering Technologists and key technical individuals who show great leadership skills and marketing abilities may qualify for a B-Type Shareholding as associates in BVi.

It is also possible to become a DCL in the company and work your way up to SGL and ultimately BUL and Exco.

BVi takes pride in focusing a huge amount of our resources on career development for all our people.

We make an effort to understand individual career plans and goals be they technical or non-technical.

We offer the following types of training and development in BVi:

  • BVi has a Learnership & Mentorship Programme that is based on the regulations and requirements from ECSA to register as a professional. Each candidate is assigned to a registered ECSA mentor and provided with the necessary mentorship, training and project exposure to become professionally registered.
  • Short-Course Training – to ensure that our employees stay on top of changes in the industry and also maintain the required CPD points as per ECSA and other statutory body requirements.
  • Study assistance to employees – it could either be under-graduate or post-graduate study assistance.
  • Internal knowledge transfer.