Corporate Structure

BVi has a unique management structure for an engineering company. It is based on a broad shareholding by the owner-managers of the company, which we feel is the key to our success.

The goal of this broad owner-managed structure is to ensure the full commitment of managers and senior personnel to the vision of BVi, more specifically to our goals of personal attention on a project level, superior quality and service to clients. Our decision-making authority is strongly decentralised, enabling managers to make operational decisions and execute projects without red tape. We believe this structure is the key to our success and differentiates us from other larger engineering firms.

The Board of Directors is compiled with a strong focus on corporate governance principles as per the King IV report and contains a strong independent representation. 

Standing Board Committees include:

  • Exco
  • Remco
  • Financial/Audit
  • Transformation Committee

The BVi Board comprises the following members:

Our operational structure is based on Service Delivery and Business Development. On a Service Level, the business is divided into nine focus services.

They are:

  • Civil, Water, Roads and Rail
  • Structural, Electrical Building Services, Electrical Transmission/Distribution and Mechanical Building Services
  • Mining, Industrial, EPCM and Management Services. The Business Development sector of the structure consists of Industries with an Industry Leader (IL) for each Industry. The grouping of clients into industries and the appointment of Industry Leaders allows for a focus on clients by Industry. BVi is able to service the unique requirements of clients and focus on building long-term, sustainable client relationships.