Town Planning & Development Facilitation

The Town Planning and Development Department is a relatively new addition to BVi Consulting Engineers but have, since its induction in 2008 provided its worth with a rather notable list of catalytic projects successfully completed for both the private and public sector.  

Although the department is a fully functioning and independent within the company itself, it also provides vital complementary and supplementary services to all engineering and project management units, in turn the department enjoys significant in-house support and resources to provide a one stop solution to property development and strategic long term planning.  Lastly, the department often works in close collaboration with a prestigious tertiary educational institution, thereby further increasing access to specialist services and expertise.

Strategic Development

  • Integrated Development Planning
  • Spatial Development Planning
  • Housing Sector Development
  • City Development Strategies
  • Cross Border Development Strategies

Land Use Management

  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision
  • Division of Agricultural Land
  • Consolidation
  • Consent Use
  • Township Establishment

Property Law

  • Provincial Legislation Drafting
  • Full Title & Sectional Title Development
  • City Improvement Districts
  • Servitudes
  • Way Leaves

Layout Planning & Urban Design

  • Site Development & Layout Plans
  • Urban Design Frameworks


  • Spatial Mapping
  • Spatial Modelling

Due Diligence Investigation

These investigations seek to evaluate a specific property and/or development (planned or existing) in terms of statutory, environmental, physical, economic and management contexts and are of major importance when property investment are considered.

  • Development Feasibility Modelling
  • Investment Rate of Return Calculations
  • Statutory Feasibility Determination