The provision of adequate housing and the eradication of the housing backlog is one of South Africa’s biggest challenges. Although Government is committed to providing sustainable human settlements to improve the quality of household life for the poor, we need to bridge the gap and accelerate the provision of infrastructure. BVi has significant experience in developing housing sector plans, the design and development of infrastructure services and defining housing backlogs in provinces and municipalities. BVi is involved in various integrated housing development projects ensuring that community needs are taken into account through various public participation and community engagement initiatives.

The services we provide are not only limited to governmental housing development initiatives but also private residential developments (low-, medium- and high-income). We service the entire sector as defined by the Government’s Breaking New Ground Policy.

  • National Department of Human Settlements
  • Provincial Government
  • Local Government
  • Various Housing Institutions
  • Housing Companies
  • Banks and Financial Institutions