New Heavy Mining Equipment Workshop Facility

BVi is providing full EPCM Services at the Letseng Diamond Mine: Pre-feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Detail Design, Project Management, Procurement, Contract Management and Construction Management.

The project services include Geotechnical Investigation, Bulk Earth Works, Terracing & Roads, Heavy Mining Equipment Workshop, Washbay and Quick Service Workshop. Water Supply Pipeline, Essential Services – Potable and Process Water Reticulation Network and Sewage Reticulation.  Water Storage Reservoirs and Compressed Air Installation.  Mining Haul Road Around the Workshop Facility.  Offices and Ablution Facilities for the Maintenance and Operational Staff.   Washbay Mechanicals Complete With Silt Trap, Water Circulation and Water Heating System.  Earthing and Lightning Protection for the Entire Facility, 11kv Reticulation, 11kv Transformers, Miniature Substations, 400/230V Distribution and the Control and Instrumentation for All Systems.  Area Lighting for the Facility and Internal Building Services (Small Power and Wet Works)