Assmang Iron Ore Beeshoek North and South Mines Structural Integrity Investigation

Assmang Iron Ore Beeshoek Mine

Northern Cape

April 2016

Visual audit of steel structures and civil works at Beeshoek North and South Mines in the Northern Cape.

The North Mine previously supplied all of Assmang’s iron ore output since 1964. A series of large-scale infrastructure projects had maximized efficiency and productivity on site, which included a full washing and screening plant and a jig plant to beneficiate off-grade ore. Assmang commissioned Beeshoek South Mine in 1999.

The various structural elements were each allocated a condition category ranging from 0 to 5 (0 signifying excellent condition and 5 little to no useful residual strength), followed by priority level recommending the required remedial action.

Other common observed issues included faulty connections, removed and modified structural members, excessive spillage, missing grout below baseplates, vehicular and equipment impact damage, and general damage to walkways.

The combined inspections of Beeshoek North and South Mine covered over 51 conveyors, plant and buildings.