Brandvlei Access Road

Hantam Municipality

Brandvlei, Northern Cape

2006 - 2008

  • The aim of the project was to upgrade the main access road to Brandvlei.  This road provides access to 280 households, 2 churches and 8 business plots.

    During this project special attention was given to the channeling of problematic stormwater by providing kerbs, stormwater outlets and improving the stormwater outfall.
    EPWP teams from the local community completed the following works:

    Manufacturing and laying of kerbs and application of prime, stone and slurry layer (Macadam Seal) and stormwater related structures.
    The base course was primed and thereafter 26mm of stone was distributed between the kerbs.

    Surfacing of the base layer was done with a 30mm thick slurry seal.  The slurry was mixed by hand and applied to the stone layer to form the final surfacing of the road.
    All of these were completed by 55 local EPWP labourers from the community of Brandvlei.
    Total road area covered were 6912 m² at a total cost of R1m.