Construction of New Dissolved Air Flotation Facility at AH September Water Treatment Works

Khara Hais Municipality

Upington, Northern Cape

2014 - 2015

    • This project was initiated due to the increasing frequency of algal blooms in the Orange River due to eutrophication. The high occurrence of algae tends to block sand filters hindering the production of potable water. A dissolved air flotation plant was constructed to remove the algae from the water.

      This facility consists of the following structures or process units:                                 

      • Construction of an earthworks platform to design levels
      • 6 x dissolved air flotation tanks with dimensions of 9m x 9m constructed from reinforced concrete.
      • Recycled water sump constructed from reinforced concrete. Plant room for mechanical and electrical equipment.
      • Cladded structural steel canopy over the total facility 3 x stainless steel saturators manufactured from stainless steel with 9-bar pressure rating 4 x 40kW recycle pumps (3 duty + 1 standby)  3 x air compressors (2 x duty + 1 standby) + common air receiver tank Stainless steel whitewater pipework (160mm dia to 250mm dia).
      • Large diameter underground connector pipework (450mm dia to 800mm dia). Refurbishment of the existing Chemical Dosing equipment              
      • Minor site works (Storm water management, block retaining walls, landscaping)