Magrabi Grape Packhouse 16 Egypt

Magrabi Agriculture (MAFA), Egypt


8 months (6 months construction)

Table Grapes for export markets, packing- and cooling facility

The facility is 10 500m² under roof with more than 500 people working in the facility.  The packhouse receives 180 tons of grapes which is then cooled to 16 °C and then sorted and packed into 360 000 x 500 g punnets accurately made to weight and then assembled into pallets.  The pallets is then cooled to -0.5 °C in 12 hours and then shipped in a total of 15 refrigerated shipping containers.  The project had very tight timescales and the approaching harvest date cannot be moved or negotiated.   A concurrent engineering approach was needed with designs and drawings being finalized for some disciplines after construction started.  The adaption to Egyptian standards and way of doing things  proved challenging together with language and distance from the site.  BVi Northern Cape (Springbok) also had a full-time representative on site, spending almost 5 months in Egypt.