Onseepkans Bulk Water Supply

Department of Agriculture, Northern Cape (Flood Relief Scheme)

Onseepkans, Northern Cape, South Africa

Completion of all work except SPV plant: December 2019

  • The purpose of the project is to repair and upgrade the existing bulk irrigation water supply system in Onseepkans. Bulk water is currently supplied from the Orange River to 370ha of irrigation plots through a 16km long earth canal. Farmers currently practice flood irrigation. Bulk of the farmers are small scale farmers, with 6 farmers farming on a 4ha plot. System designed to supply bulk water to 620ha of irrigation area in total.

    The new bulk water system replaces the existing canal, and comprises of the following:

    • A river and booster pump station pumping filtrated water through a 900mm dia GRP rising main to a 38,000m³ storage earth dam, located 50m higher than the pump station. Flowrate 2,400m³/h with the possibility to increase to 3,900 m³/h for an additional 250ha,
    • A 700mm GRP gravity main from the storage dam, feeding water to the 370ha irrigation plots,
    • 10km of distribution pipes (UPVC, 200mm to 560mm dia),
    • 30 x irrigation hydrants for farm off-takes, supplying water at 2.5 Bar, allowing farmers to irrigate more efficiently with micro sprinklers and drippers,
    • A 1000 KW Solar Photo Voltaic plant supplying energy to the system, minimizing the electrical costs. This system is integrated with the ESKOM national grid (Not yet constructed, awaiting funding)