Perdekraal Wind Energy Facility

Concor (Mainstream)

Ceres, Western Cape


Since 2015 BVi has been involved in the design of five wind energy facilities throughout South Africa. One such facility near De Aar has been successfully completed, currently providing 100.5 MW of electricity to South Africa’s power grid, while two others (Perdekraal and Kangnas) are currently in construction with the remaining two (Excelsior and Golden Valley) scheduled to start construction in early 2019.

Combined, the five wind energy facilities will produce a total of 519.8 MW of electricity to the power grid of South Africa, relieving pressure currently put on our natural resources, such as coal, used to produce electricity. 
Each wind energy facility has been designed to fit its local conditions.

Technical specifications at Perdekraal:
Turbine Model: Siemens SWT-2.346-108
Turbine Capacity: 2.3MW
Hub Height: 115m
Number of Turbines: 55
Foundation Diameter:  18.5m
Total Road Length: 30km