Periodic Maintenance of TR31/01, TR31/02 and MR00287 – Worcester to Robertson to Ashton

Western Cape Government, Transport and Public Works

Robertson, Western Cape

October 2018 to March 2020

The project is located between the towns of Worcester and Robertson (TR31/01), Robertson and Ashton (TR31/02) and Robertson and Bonnievale (MR287) in the Cape Winelands District Municipality of the Western Cape Province.  The Scope of Works include:

Road Works:  The repair of surface and base failures. Application of a texture slurry. Reseal of the entire road surface with a double split seal using S-R1, S-R2, S-E1 and CRS65 binder with 20mm and 7mm roadstone. Construction of new passing lanes from km16.40 to km20.20 and km23.70 to km27.04. Upgrading of selected intersections with new   turning lanes on TR31/01 at km13.58 (Nuy intersection), km35.55 (Goree intersection), on TR31/02 at km9.57 (Klaasvoogds intersection) and km13.57 (Arabella intersection). New A-E2 asphalt overlay on TR31/01 from the   Silwerstrand intersection at km44.15 to km45.02 and around the traffic circle in Robertson at the start of   TR31/02 and MR287. New A-E2 asphalt overlay at various intersections on TR31/01, TR31/02 and MR287.

Structural Works:  Extension of six large existing box culverts with cast in-situ concrete. Extension of twenty-three small existing box and pipe culverts with cast in-situ concrete headwalls, wing walls and apron slabs.

Ancillary Works:  Upgrading of the surfacing of three existing rest areas. Refurbishing of existing guardrails and installation of new guardrails. Construction of new concrete edge beams. Repair of existing fencing and installation of new fencing. Repair of existing and installation of new road signs. Construction of new asphalt berms.  Construction of new concrete down chutes. Paving of the pedestrian walkways at the traffic circle in Robertson   and the construction of gabion boxes and mattresses at the in- and outlets of culverts.