Rehabillitation and Extensions to 4 Dorp Street Building

Provincial Government Western Cape

Cape Town


Phase 1

The primary objective of the first phase was to repair the failing plaster/grano façade of the building. This became a threat to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This phase consisted of the removal and subsequent major concrete rehabilitation to an area of 28 400m².  Use was made of external scaffolding supported on a reinforced concrete canopy over the sidewalk. This structure served as a scaffold support as well as safety for the pedestrians not to interrupt the building functionality. It is to be noted that the scaffolding was to the full 26 storeys – the highest used in the Southern Hemisphere.

Phase 2

The second phase was for additional facilities, basement parking, upgrading of the present Keerom Street walk-through to a functional and friendly pedestrian area with a restaurant and other public facilities.