Salheya Citrus Packhouse Project

Al Dahra Agricultural Company

Salheya Farm, Egypt

Design Jul 2016, Construction April 2017, Completion March 2018

    • Citrus Packhouse and cooling – 300t per day

      The facility is 800m² under roof with more than 400 people working in the facility.  The packhouse receives 320 tons of oranges which is then cleaned, pre-sorted, treated and waxed.  The waxed products are then graded and sorted in quality punnets accurately made to weight and then assembled into pallets.  The pallets is then cooled to 4°C in 24 hours and then shipped in a total of 15 refrigerated shipping containers. 

      The facility was design to comply with GlobalGAP and BRC requirements and achieved one of the highest scores with a first audit.  The design took into account the logistics of receiving and shipping large volumes of fruit, managing 450 workers and handling and distributing packing materials.