SAPS 10111 Emergency Call Centre

National Department of Public Works

Gqeberha, Eastern Cape

2010 - 2014

The building is 8000m2 and cost +/- R105,000,000.00 it is full of architectural features which also makes it a building which is quite expensive for its size. The architectural features stand out and provided engineering challenges and therefore it is definitely regarded as a landmark:

  • Four Storey High Steel Roof Structure Exposed to Category 1 Wind Loadings 
  • Roof Trusses with Slender Supporting Struts
  • Aesthetical Structural Element Shapes 
  • Three Storey (11m) High Self Supporting Steel Lift Shaft 
  • Cantilever Slabs (Supporting 230mm Wide Walls) exceeding 3 metres span length Steel/Concrete Composite Slabs supported on Slender Steel Posts 
  • Beam Structured Slabs supporting Live Load of 5kPa and 230mm Wide Wall Loadings 
  • Timber/Steel Walkway Structures with Slender Circular Section Beam Elements 
  • Aesthetical Precast Concrete Works 
  • Deviations from Conventional Structural Practices for Aesthetical reasons – Aesthetical structural connection details, unconventional element profiles used.