St Elizabeth’s Hospital: Lilitha College, Laundry & Paediatric Ward

Departments of Health & Public Works

Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape

September 2017 to February 2021

Completion of the Lalitha College with a water system installed to clean the louvers’ supplied with rain water from the 300kl underground tank. Construction of a Student Centre for the college and paved parking areas on 3 levels with associated stormwater drainage.

Construction of a walkway from the College up the Hospital. 

Decommissioning of the existing Sewer ponds and associated infrastructure. Construction of a 160mm diam Sewer line connecting the Hospital, Lalitha College, Student Centre, Resource Centre, student accommodation, Clinic and the Town Mortuary to the town sewer line. Construction of a Laundry to replace the existing laundry.

Construction of a Paediatric building with 8 wards and nurses stations and children’s play area. 

Construction of a helipad and golf cart garage. 

Installation of sewer lines and water lines around all the new buildings and the construction of a new 110mm diam linking up to the town water main to the west of the Hospital grounds.

Refurbishment of the fire pumps and water pumps as well as the cleaning of the existing 500kl reservoir and elevated tank and the refurbishment of the float valves

The construction of a covered and paved parking area for the hospital staff.