The SAICE IP National Showdown 2020

The SAICE National Office has once again joined forces with the six leading universities across the country to invite the winning teams from those regions to compete on a national level.

The civil engineering university research and investigation project is part of the national curriculum for final year civil engineering undergraduate students. Students are paired in teams of two and are required to select an issue, which is current in the industry. They do so by conducting research in accordance with pre-set deliverables over a fixed period, leading up to the final year examinations. Once all the research and investigations on the specific issue is complete, the student teams then present their findings to a panel of judges, which comprises of both selected industry leaders and non-engineers. The presentations are then adjudicated based on a set of agreed criteria.

BVi is proud to be one of the sponsors at the SAICE IP National Showdown which was held in KZN!